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Burntisland Parish Church

a living church in an historic building

"This Church exists to bring people to Jesus, grow disciples, love one another, serve the wider community, and to glorify and worship God together."

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Join us for worship on Sundays at 11am - all welcome, we have a crèche and a young church so bring all the family

We also have services in Solid Rock on Sundays at 6.30pm and Wednesdays at 10.30am.  

See the News page for details of the Festival of the Word and Spirit in May

People come to Burntisland from all over the world to see the historic church building here.  But people come from Burntisland and places nearby because they know of a living church, a group of people with a strong faith in God, a love for each other and a care for the community and those beyond.


Contact the minister, Alan Sharp on Burntisland 874303   

email: alansharp03 "the at sign" aol "fullstop" com

(Sorry about the slight code - spammers harvest addresses from the web)



How to find the church

From the railway station go up the stairs onto the bridge then go up the stairs leading to West leven Street. Go across the car park and turn right down the hill on the left you''ll come to first the church halls and then the church.

From Burntisland High Street turn up onto Kirkgate, the church and Halls are at the top of the road.

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Burntisland Parish Church